Protecting you laptop with notebok sleeves - easy, safe and fashionable

Every day people take their work or private files with them along the way, whether on weekend, on holiday or just carry some of the work home. All files, documents and information can be placed in one notebook. And it is easier to take the whole netbook with you rather than copy files back and forth.

Typically you would need to buy a specific handbag or backpack for protecting the computer during its transportation. With the sleeve it is so much more easy. Just place the PC into the sleeve and take it with you. No special laptop messenger bags needed, no hassle.

Today's state of the art manufacturing technology offers mainly the synthetic materials for the purpose. They are very durable, damage proof, most part are also water proof and all of them are easy to clean and maintain. The majority of the netbook sleeves are made of neoprene, nylon and plastic padded materials, however, you can also buy leather laptop sleeves if you are looking for more luxury and want a designer bag.

The sleeve has its advantages if compared to buying a special laptop backpack as it requires very little space, it can be placed in any handbag, it has great design variations and cheap price. The disadvantage of it in comparison with the laptop bag is the lack of small pockets for CDs, USB cables and SD cards. Not all, but some models however do have the pockets for small items. These are largely made by computer and electronics manufacturers that also provide some basic accessories for their core products.

To sum it all up - buying notebook sleeve is easy, they are fun, offer great protection and also have low price. You can buy them online and order custom made sleeves as well. All you need to know is the size of your notebook!

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Red K Laptop SleeveRedK Notebook sleeve
These sleeves are available at RedK website.

Needing a sleeve or a comfortable case for you MacBook or other laptop? Here we have the widest range of different sleeves available online. Best prices, best reviews and guides, where to buy the most cute laptop sleeves or classic or maybe most fun neoprene or nylon waterproof sleeves for protecting your precious netbook.

Why choose sleeve?
Firstly it consumes less space and offers same level protection as backpack...
Secondly. You can carry the sleeve as you like - in your arms or place it in any of your handbag...
Thirdly. There are limitless design options.
And finally - the cost is very affordable...