Belkin laptop and notebook sleeves

Laptop sleeve is an easier way to protect the electronic equipment from scratches, falling or any other kind of damage than laptop backpack. First of all it takes very little space and the gives you the same efficiency and security as a larger backpack or notebook bag.

Belkin is going for the neoprene laptop sleeves as they have been proven to be the best match for quality and price. Neoprene is a foamy rubber like material that has wonderful insulation qualities. They have also added few pockets for carrying USB cables and other small items.

For example, this notebook sleeve.
Neoprene Belkin sleeveIt is designated for 15.4" notebook. The precise size is 12.4 x 14.6 x 1.25 inches. It is zipped and will surely protect the notebook from scratches and other hazards. The material used is high quality neoprene. The insulation and padding is foam to ensure complete protection.
It is easy to fit the equipment into the sleeve and take it with you on the travel. Price is 30 USD for the particular model. Purchasing and shipping from their official site is to USA and Canada only, however it is possible to buy Belkin products from other internet retailers. IF you want a quality notebook sleeve, this is the one that will be a guaranteed success.

Belkin laptop messenger bags and backpacks

Belkin Larchmont MessengerThis segment is more evolved and plenty of sizes and models to make your choice from. The price range for the messenger or backpack will be rom about 39 USD to 80 USD.

For example, the Larchmont messenger bag (picture left) for 15.6" remains one of the top models. There are two external front pockets for small things, e.g. cell phone or mouse. The inside is well insulated to ensure no damage to the equipment.

The material inside also is a non scratch fabric for more smoothness. Other features are typical of the laptop and notebook bags in general, such as padded removable shoulder strap and internal zipped compartment for accessories.
The color variety is not too large - 4 shades are available. It is very decent, business like laptop bag of good quality. The price is 39 USD and it very reasonable for the product. Also read about the warranty for this laptop bag.

Belkin brand

Belkin laptop backpackBelkin is one of the big electronics equipment accessories manufacturer. Company is California (Playa Vista) based and their wide product range is distributed globally via network of resellers and retail stores, as well via their own online store.  

The brand was established in 1983 and has extensive experience and proven track record of quality products for more than 25 years. From a business that was started in a garage, it has now grown into a gl obal company with sales that are over one billion dollars and employee number over 1000. The company is expanding and has also received several award as a fast growing company.

What are the core products?
Mainly Ipod and Ipad accessories, as well as accessories for laptops and notebooks, LCD rack consoles, racks and various cables and USB products, power solutions, UPS and battery backup, wireless solutions, KVM solutions and accessories, from desktop to cable.

When it comes to laptop accessories, such as backpacks, cases or sleeves, Belkin is always a safe choice and good quality for money. You will receive decent product for a reasonable price, plus the customer service is fast and friendly.