Case Logic sleeves reviews

Case logic sleeves are getting more popular. Case Logic is what you go for if you need a classic shaped sleeve with more artistic approach. You will not find the Chubakka sleeve or crazy graffiti bright prints on the notebook sleeve, but there for sure will be a decent product range with color and print variety. What is also great their web page have a reviews for each product, so if you are not sure whether to buy the particular 12 inch notebook sleeve, you can double check the references.
Case Logic 16" laptop sleeve

This Case Logic laptop case (ENS-15) is manufactured for the 16" wide laptop screen. If unsure, what is the size of your screen, please check our site section on Sizes.
The material is neoprene in 3 colors (blue, magenta and the traditional black). It is designed for 16" screens and some users have reported that it feels a bit loose for some 15.4" models.

The particular model features neoprene protection that has sufficient insulation capacity but is not too bulky. This material also stretches. The sleeve is closed by zipper to ensure fast and secure closure. The dimensions are 16 to 12.5 to 2 inches. And it weights 15 oz. This sleeve is offered online at an incredible price starting at 8 USD and it has 25 years manufacturers guarantee.

If you are looking for more contemporary design then the 16" NSS - 116 model is the right one. Case logic sleeveIt has 3 color availability. Silver with orange trim. Brown and turquoise trim, and orange and gray trim. It has quilted polyester design with soft padding.

The material is ultra light so it will not add extra weight during laptop transportation. It is zipped with an asymmetrical zipper. Though it lacks pockets, there is enough space to place some documents in this sleeve. It goes at amazing price starting from 15 USD.

Notebook sleeves and Ipod cases

This brand also has a range of ipod cases as well. Having trouble locating an ideal tablet case, well here we have an extensive selection of products for your electronics

Case Logic brand

Case for Kindle Case Logic Case Logic has it all starting from CD and DVD cases and binders, to camera and laptop, GPS system accessories, and luggage for transportation of any electronic equipment.

It is one of the biggest suppliers for this kind of storage and transportation cases for electronics and one of the best in terms of product quality and quantity. If you want a choice then this American company is your brand. They have cool laptop cases for women and men.

They have multicolor reversible sleeves, they have variety of sizes and shades and shapes for anything ranging from Mpr3 player to kindle and photo camera. In case you want more extravagance, this is probably not the brand that will have it, but decent and colorful cases and sleeves are their thing.

Also they do ship worldwide, although the number of countries is limited. Therefore if you want a branded case for a camera or notebook, you can order it online via resellers.

The company was established in 1984 in USA Colorado and started business by selling two cases for audiocassettes. The business expanded in the field of protective cases for audio equipment and later developed into full scale sale of cases and bags for portable electronics. Nowadays the brand also sells luggage – lightweight and contemporary designed for business and free time purposes. Their product designs are very functional, manufacturing is highest quality and the innovative approach to materials and designs make them highly competitive on the market.