Tucano laptop sleeves

Tucano laptop bag 15"This beautiful silver laptop bag for 15" screen computer has been designed to ensure perfect protection of the equipment (they have added extra padding), light weight and slim design. The brand has thought of easy access to the pocket, where you can also store some smaller items, such as cables etc. The shoulder strap is padded and it is detachable. This case also has 6 beautiful colors to choose from. The price is 59.99 USD.

Tucano notebook sleeves

The brand also has a great notebook sleeves section. They are lightweight, made of neoprene and other synthetic materials. The brand does cover also pretty much all of the sleeves range from 10" screens to 17" screen laptop sleeves.
Some of the models also have a removable shoulder strap thus making it more efficient. All of the designs are quite compact, but they do provide pockets and compartments for convenience. Closure for these sleeves typically is a zipped closure.

Tucano brand

After a complete dominance of American and Asian brands in this segment, we are happy to introduce an Italian brand within this competing market of electronics accessories. So far Italians had taken over the luxury handbag segment, where such names as Gucci, Valentino, Armani and so on were leaders of the luxury handbag industry so far. But the Tucano brand has gone into accessories direction and offersquite an amazing range of products to a global consumer, such as backpacks, sleeves, laptop bags, MacBook cases, camera cases and so on.

This Italian brand is also special because of their color choice from black (of course) to silver, orange, beige, brown, green, blue and even fuchsia (in case you are wandering what color is that - its somewhere between purple and red).

Tucano sells the products globally - you can also find their online store quite helpful to navigate. They also have presence in Asian market, USA and Europe as well. The brand has sort of intuitive knowledge of the consumer needs, so they have provided an impressive top quality products range so that the consumer needs are completely satisfied in terms of quality, design, comfort and price.

The brand is located in Italy, in the heart of Milan.