Fujitsu Siemens laptop sleeves and cases

If you have a 17" laptop then you probably know that the sleeve and case range is smaller than if compared to its smaller brothers. So here is a decent 17" laptop backpack that is very comfortable for travel. Plus if you are commuting everyday, then backpack might be the best choice because it is so much more easier to carry over longer distances.

Fujitsu Backpack Backpack is also a good choice for students - always on the move and there you will have an extra space for clothing and other essentials. The particular model in the picture is called The Prestige Case Backpack 17. And it can house a laptop of 17". The features include - typical padded shoulder straps and padded zipped compartment for the laptop. Also there are several pockets that can be zipped to add more comfort. The material used is nylon and foam for padding. There is also an elastic band compartment for small items. This backpack overall is very comfortable, well fitted and ergonomic. It can be purchased online.

Fujitsu laptop caseThey also have fine tablet PC cases. At price of 75 USD you can buy a very elegant and laconic case. It has been made of leather in shape of book cover. It has all the features to protect the tablet from scratches or any other damage. It has a Velcro closure for fast removal and accessibility. You will also find d a compartment for small items, documents, pens etc. The case however will not hold a tablet with an a battery that is not standard, so take this into account before purchasing.

Fujitsu Siemens brand

As many of the large companies, also this brand has taken care of the Fujitsu laptop briefcaseaccessories and cases department. What you will find here is the business class and business oriented products. No deviations from the classic black and classic shapes. However you will be delighted with the quality and product range. They have covered it from 13" cases to 17" laptop backpacks. In case you are not put off by the style, they will even have the laptop sleeve backpack.

So what do we know about the Fujitsu Siemens? It is a perfect blend of Japanese and German expertise in the IT products and technologies field and they have covered many aspects of telecommunications, computing and micro electronics. Fujitsu is known for making the first computer in Japan in 1954. The symbol above the name Fujitsu represents infinity.

The brand is doing rather OK. Having been established in 1935 and gone through tough times, the brand is proud to say that they are 3rd largest information technologies services providers globally and that they own more than 34 000 patents. The headquarters are still in Tokyo, Japan. You can be sure that when getting this brand's products you will receive the goods that have been tested, proven and top quality. In case of sleeves, backpacks or 17" cases the only disadvantage is the lack of colors, as the functionality has been combined with very classic (let's say basic) designs.