HP laptop sleeves

Like many electronic equipment giants, HP does not have the largest offer of sleeves. However unlike many electronic equipment giants, HP has made sure that their laptop sleeves are more fun, more youth oriented and more versatile.
HP 10.2" sleeveFor example, this small and cute laptop sleeve for 10.2" laptops. It is available with blue, red and green trim. It costs 13.49 USD. A bargain price for a good branded product. This sleeve will protect the equipment form scratches and spills and dirt. You can also match it to the color of your HP Mini.

HP laptop cases

HP Notebook CaseThe cases are more business-oriented. No surprises here. If you are looking for a well organized and well insulated case for the laptop that is attractive looking and classic too, check out the HP 16" Notebook Pro Case. It has a padded pocket for the equipment, compartments for documents, pens and business cards. It is well insulated and neatly organized. For more convenience there are external front and back compartments. Also you cannot beat the price of 25 USD.

HP brand

HP logoWho does not know HP or does not have a few gadgets or electronic equipment from this electronic giant named Hewlett Packard? They do have quite an impressive product's range from printers to computers. Their story is quite an American dream too. The company was founded in a garage in California and the business since then has grown into global company with hundreds of billions in revenues. The brand was established by two men - Bill Hewlett and David Packard, who were electrical engineers and who with total capital of 538 USD established the company in 1939.

The company initially did operate from a garage in Palo Alto, California. Their first product that was their first success finance wise was the precision audio oscillator. Their later years were invested in development of electronic measurement and testing devices.

In 1966 they started manufacturing computers. The first models were 1966 HP 2100 / HP 1000. Since then the business went upwards and we know know one of the largest electronics companies in the world. It has to be also mentioned that their business is still doing strong and this company was also the first IT products company that exceed 100 billion in revenues.

Right now you can purchase wide range of different electronic equipment from them - they have computer, data storage and hardware products, as well as software and servcies division for personal and industrial needs.