Sizes: how to choose a laptop sleeve

Screen size measurementHow to choose an appropriate size sleeve for your equipment? First rule is that the size is the same as the screen size for your laptop or notebook. So, if you have a 15" screen, it means you need the 15" sleeve.

How to measure your laptop screen? If you don't know the size of the screen, you can measure it yourself. Take a tape measure and measure the screen from the bottom right or left corner to the opposite top corner. You have to do the measuring diagonally. Do not do it just across the screen from one side to other side. Do it like in the picture above.

However, in some cases you will need a larger sleeve or case. Why? Because some models, which have extended battery might not fit in the traditional size. Such models could be, Samsung N220 or any other laptop model with extended life battery. You can google it up and see, how the battery is sort of bulky and slightly outside the laptop frame.

Also you need to size up by one size, no more, so that the sleeve is not too loose either. Because, if it becomes to loose the laptop will be moving around in the sleeve and in the long-term some scratches may occur.

Sleeves and cases

The sleeve will protect the computer against damage, such as scratches, water, dirt and will provide safety padding in case in falls

If you want a perfect fitting sleeve or case for your laptop, you can always look up the manufacturer's web page to see a particular case for the laptop model. The electronics manufacturers do provide accessories for their products in most cases, but these will be business like - gray or black types of sleeves.

If you need something more bright, fun or extravagant, you will have to look for the computer accessories manufacturers online. They are specializing in this area and will be able to give you exactly what you want in all shapes, sizes and colors, from ninja green sleeve to exclusive ostrich or alligator leather laptop case.

You can also look at our section Brands, to find more information about notebook sleeves online. Also read reviews about the product and ask the seller directly, if you are not sure which size to choose.