Laptop sleeve materials

Neoprene sleeves are most popular. Neoprene is a kind of synthetic rubber material and it is used for numerous purposes - laptop cases, wrist braces, gloves, sound insulation materials and so on,because it is has very good insulation and padding properties. This material is also very light, comfortable and durable and will certainly provide great protection for your equipment. Neoprene was discovered in 1930-ties by scientists in the University of Notre Dame, which later purchased the patent rights from the scientists.

Vinyl is also a decent lightweight that together with foam type rubber padding make an excellent choice for laptop protection. Its pros are the design options, it is waterproof and requires very little maintenance. However it is not as comfortable and soft to touch as leather or neoprene.

Nylon and other synthetic materials has been on the handbag market for some time and the development of technologies have found use for it in lapSynthetic material sleevetop and notebook cases. Nylon is also a lightweight material and it has wonderful water resistance properties. The nylon notebook cases are also well insulated to protect the equipment from damage in case of falling. Nylon also offers more design variety if compared to neoprene. It is also cheap material so that decent sleeve will cost around 30-40 USD.

Leather is more expensive laptop case material, and it is also the most elegant one too. Leather is also very pleasant by touch, fashionable and functional as well. Leather laptop sleeve is what you get if you want to leave an impression. It is very popular in the business environment for its luxury appeal. The leather materials also have their variety and you can choose from alligator to python laptop sleeves.

Which notebook case to choose?

Pros and cons of materials:
Neoprene - lightweight, cheap, durable
Leather - lasting, elegant, more expensive
Nylon and other synthetic - lightweight, great water resistance properties, great design options
Vinyl - waterproof, artifical look and feel

Belkin neoprene sleeveThe lightest case or sleeve material is the neoprene. This material also stretches a bit, so it will ensure perfect fit and thus protection from scratches and other damage. Neoprene sleeves are also very durable and will last for long time making this a wise investment. If it is very important to provide protection against falling and breaking, there are extra padded sleeves, also available in neoprene and some in nylon. The padding is typically made of foam materials. They are also very durable and will protect the computer against damage, water and scratches.

If you want something more luxury, the leather laptop sleeves are on the market. These, of course, will cost more, but leather is one of the oldest materials the mankind uses for making handbags, and it is great for electronic equipment storage as well. Only, it will be more expensive than the artificial material sleeves.

The luxury leather bags segment has expanded very considerably during last five years, when people went crazy for the designer purses. And thanks to that there are cases and sleeves for laptops made of ostrich, alligator, crocodile and even snakeskin on the market.